Reasons why does Lord Krishna wears Peacock Feather on his head

Do you know what is connection or the reason between Lord Krishna and Peacock Feather, also known as Mayur Pankh

We all know that Lord Krishna wears a peacock feather on his head, but do you know what is the connection between peacock feather and Lord Krishna?

As this story is almost 5,200 years old, we get to hear multiple reasons why Lord Krishna wear peacock feather on his crown.

We’ve listed down the reasons which we get to hear from our ancestors, which can be believed as per your own belief.

  1. There’s a story that says that once, Lord Krishna decided to play the flute in the forest. So melodious was his music that the peacocks were enamored and began to dance with him. All beings of the forest were completely spell bound. The peacocks danced till they grew tired but Lord Krishna went on dancing for days.Finally, when he stopped dancing, the spell was broken. But the peacocks were so full of happiness and gratitude that the king of peacocks went up to Lord Krishna and as gratitude, asked him to accept his feathers as they were his most prized possession. He dropped some feathers on the ground and Lord Krishna accepted his humble offering. Since then, Lord Krishna always wears a peacock feather in his hair.
  2. Peacock is the only bird that does not have any physical attachment with Peahen.

    It observes full chastity without lust. In the same way though Lord Krishna had 16000 gopikas around him as his wives he is still considered chaste as he did not have any lust towards them. It signifies his chastity and celibacy.

  3. Lord Krishna’s birth chart or horoscope (kundli) had Kaal sarpa yog; i.e. the seven planets in the horoscope falls between Rahu and Ketu.

    Rahu represents snake head and ketu represents tail. This is considered as a very serious condition.

    To nullify the ill effects of kaal sarpa yog, Vasudev (foster father of Shri Krishna) was told that his son should always keep a peacock’s feather with him, as peacock is the natural enemy of snake. Hence, he made a peacock feathered crown (mor mukut) for Lord Krishna. Balraam, Lord Krishna’s elder brother, on the other hand, use to wear gold crown.

    Also, as per tantric sect, peacock feather has many mystic powers. It can nullify ill effects of magic spells and curses. Since his childhood, Lord Krishna was attacked many a times by the demons sent by Kansa, hence, Yashoda also insisted to put some mystic protection with her son. Peacock feather solves all the purposes.

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