Wedding Preparation Checklist India

Hi, this post is all about the wedding preparation checklist and mainly related to both side for the Bride and Groom. Meanwhile, decide on a rough guest list and the wedding budget. The Bride’s Family and the groom’s family will have to sit together and discuss the details of the budget spending on all the occasion, who is hosting which function and number of their guests for ceremonies you are hosting. Once these specifics are decided you can head into the detailed planning.

Even though the list is top heavy, don’t be afraid as the more work you do in the beginning, the less you will have to worry later.

Here is a Checklist of things which will walk you through your Wedding Preparation process. For this checklist I will expect an eight month engagement and wedding arranging period, since Indian engagements are normally shorter. Your first month arranging will be the busiest.

Nine Months Before

The Most Important thing is that work out on your financial plan. Decide the amount you need to spend, based on your families contributions and your own.

It might not be an agreeable discussion, but it’s an essential one. You and your life partner can talk with your individual families and come a decision

about the accompanying things. It will hash out these points of interest in the first place as opposed to sometime later. You would prefer not to sign an agreement for a setting that can just hold 350 individuals and understand that your in-laws visitor rundown is 250.

It might not be a comfortable conversation, but it’s an important one.  You and your fiance can speak with your individual families and come a decision about the following items.  It will help to hash out these details in the beginning rather than further down the line.  You don’t want to sign a contract for a venue that can only hold 350 people and realize that your in-laws guest list is 250.

Hold your date and Venues. Choose whether to have separate areas for the function and the gathering, considering in travel time between the two spots.


First Do the Booking:

  • Venue for the engagement, Tilak, Sangeet, Mehendi ceremony, wedding and Reception.
  • Decorator & Caterers

Note- Keep a written copy of all the confirmation.

Four Months Before

  • Put in a order for wedding invitation cards as indicated by your preferences.
  • Meet caterers. If your wedding venue doesn’t offer its own catering services look for one now and hire the service this month or early next.
  • Performers
  • Picture takers ,Videographers
  • DJ’s
  • Music band
  • Beautician & Hair Stylist
  • Convenience (hotel/guest house/resort) for outstation guests in like manner
  • Wedding band (For barat)
  • Submit a request to the wedding boutique for making and designing engagement, wedding and reception clothes.
  • Begin making a day-out of timetable. Draw up a calendar of the occasion and opening in every segment like the cake-cutting, the Sangeet, mehendi, shaadi and last reception.
  • Book Master of function or minister according to wedding
  • Planning wedding theme.

At least 2 Months before the wedding

  • Finished the menu and Decoration topic
  • Looking for wedding gifts.
  • Send invitations to every one of the visitors alongside a guide to help them in finding the venue.
  • Book Transportation Vehicles also Vanity vans if essential.
  • Send your event timetable to the vendors. Giving them a first draft now permits abundant time for changes and criticism.
  • Do the booking Honeymoon , Necessary arrangements for your Passports (optional)

1 Months Before wedding

  • Contact every one of your vendor
  • Confirm last visitor list.
  • Finished all shopping for wedding day.
  • Book security personals
  • Arrange wedding hall design with your Venue Manager
  • Get your hair style and colored, if desired.

One week before the wedding

  • Reconfirm landing times with vendors.
  • Appoint little wedding-day assignments. Pick somebody to take care of your dress, somebody to convey your things, somebody to be accountable for gifts, somebody to give out tips, and somebody to be the go-to person for every vendor.
  • Get your dress. On the other hand make arrangements for a conveyance.
  • Inform about timeline of events to your friends and closed guess.
  • Check in one last time with the photographer. Supply him or her with a list of moments you want captured on film.
  • Put aside checks for the vendors. Furthermore, place tips in envelopes to be given out at the occasion.

A day before to the wedding

  • Callup Beautification get a spa and last excellence treatment

On the big day

Ask Close by Friends and Relatives to Look out for-

  • Timely execution of all the occasions with no interference.
  • Ensure that visitors don’t face any issue.
  • Ensure that everything is running easily and in the event of a disaster or any issue contact the occasion manager.
  • Select three or four people and relegate them taking after responsibilities.
  • Ensure that lady and groom’s Jewelry, presents, all leased things and different things are safe.
  • Post for suspicious individuals like freebies and hoodlums.
  • Switch on generators during a power disappointment.
  • Handle the whole security of the wedding.

Apart this you have to take care about the payment made , to be made and deposits to be collected to see if there hidden cost.

It would be better choice of you Hire event Planners as your wedding Planner so you can treasure each snapshot of your big day and all the worrier will be taken care by the wedding planner.

I hope this checklist is enough to you and it will be very useful for you in planning your wedding. As usual, please comment on this post with your suggestions.

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