Top 5 Reasons to Build a Rewarding Career in Digital Marketing

As a research found that digital media is now become the most important part of everyday life. Because Social media provides real-time updates on almost anything. Peoples have integrated electronic devices into their day-to-day routine in both their work and individual lives, and the firms who’ve moved to cater for the digital consumer are in many instances probably the most successful companies in recent history.

Digital marketing is already a part of trade, and can become more embedded. Digital marketing industry is so strong at present that it can be definitely the fine time to be a part of this speedy developing industry. Being a part of this industry in view that since last 15 years, I consider these are the primary reasons to build a profitable profession in Digital marketing industry in 2016.

2000+ Jobs for Digital promoting on employment entrances

There is an expansive number of brands, offices and industry which don’t promote for occupations identified with advanced showcasing. Since there are more than 2000+ employment accessible in India work entries. While this number would include that various kinds of Digital Marketing job profiles like Digital marketing expert, digital marketing executive and analytics are in the demand for skilled professionals in Digital Marketing is always going to exceed the available.

A Digital Marketing Professional procures between Rs 2.3 lakh – Rs 11.8 lakh every year

Due to the growing demand of Digital Marketing there is demand of Digital marketing experts, Digital Marketer analyst, Digital marketing professional, SEO expert, SEM expert etc. a much higher salary compared to different industries. You already know that a graduate without a work mastery can expect a month to month pay of Rs 15,000 and Head of Digital showcasing in a huge organization or office can win Rs 2.5 lakh for each month. Along these lines, according to Pay scale, Digital showcasing proficient in India wins between Rs 2.3 lakh – Rs 11.8 lakh every year.

India will go 600 million web clients Mark by the year 2020

The reports asserts that the quantity of in India on-line clients will ascend to more prominent than half of one billion by method for 2018, which was once 190 million clients till June 2014. India assumed control 10 years to move from 10 million to 100 million web clients. It took 3 years to create from 100 million to 200 million and just 1 year to ascend from 200 million to 300 million. Facebook alone had more than 130 million clients in India till December 2015. On the off chance that this advancement is kept up, India will go 600 million clients by utilizing 2016. At 302 million clients, India will leave US to end behind second most prominent nation after China as far as number of web clients.

Online Ad Spend to cross Rs 3500 crore by FY 2015

From the recent report, Digital Marketing in India, the value of web publicizing market in India is required to extend to Rs 3500 Crore by Mar 2015 from Rs 2750 Crore a year earlier, around 30 % year over year development.

Indian e-trade industry to cross $16 billion imprint in 2015

Digital e-commerce market in India is expected to reach $128 billion in 2017 from the current figure of $42 billion in 2015 because of increase in mobile and web searching, e-commerce sales, payment options, exciting offers,  it means that the e-commerce are the drivers of this remarkable growth. The advanced e-trade market in India has become consistently from $4.4 billion in 2010 to $13.6 billion in 2014. So that there is a chance of building a helpful profession in Digital marketing.

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