Top 10 Fastest Trains In The World 2017

The Fastest high-speed trains in the world, some trains in this modern world are as fast as planes.While these two currently hold all the records, other fast trains, such as the HEMU-400X, Zefiro 380 and Talgo Avril, are close contenders for the crown of world’s fastest trains.

With countries across the globe planning high-speed rail networks, let’s take a look at the world’s fastest trains

1. Shanghai Maglev: China 431 km/h (267 mph)

Shanghai Maglev is the fastest train in the world with a maximum operating speed of 267.8 mph. This service is operated by Shanghai Maglev Transportation Development Co. Shanghai Maglev runs at Shanghai’s high-speed magnetic levitation line.

Unlike regular train tracks, Shanghai Maglev has no wheel, and it floats on magnetic field existing between the train and track. This electromagnetic pull offers by the powerful magnates let the train to fly over the track as there is no contact between train and track. Shanghai maglev could reach its top speed of 267.8 mph from 0 mph in just 4 minutes.

The public service of the Shanghai maglev started on 1st January 2004. It operates between Long Yang Road and Pudong international airport.  The Shanghai maglev only takes 7 minutes and 20 seconds to complete the whole journey. The total passenger capacity of the Shanghai maglev train is 574. The train operates between every 15 minutes. It cost US$8 for one ticket and US$16 for VIP ticket to travel in Shanghai maglev.

2. Harmony CRH 380A, 236.12 mph, China

China railways Harmony CRH 380A is the second fastest operating train service in the world. This electric train has multiple units can achieve a maximum speed of 236.12 mph. But it sets a record speed of 258.58 mph during initial tests. In October 2010, the China railways put CRH 380a trains into regular service between Shangai-Nanjing route.

The CRH 380A trains have a capacity to carry 494 passengers at a time. Each passenger will get facilities like the reading lamp, power port, and an electronic display. There is also a VIP sightseeing section near the driver’s cabin. It shows a view of the running train. One whole car unit of  CRH 380A dedicated for serving food and drinks for passengers.

3. AGV Italo, 223.6 mph, Italy

AVG Italo is the fastest running train in Europe. This high-speed train has a maximum operational speed of 223.6 mph. But during initial test, in 2007, AVG train set a record speed of 356.6 mph. The AVG Italo started the service in April 2007. It operates between Rome and Naples. The passengers of AVG Italo trains can travel between these cities (distance – 140 mi) in just an hour.

AVG Italo has great Eco-friendly structure, 98% of its parts are recyclable. AVG Italo has 11 car sets. The seats are divided into three classes – Club, Prima, and Smart. All three classes of AVG Italo offers adjustable leather seats, live television, and free Wi-Fi.

The train complies which includes safety, reliability and availability, health, environmental protection and technical compatibility.

4.Siemens Velaro E/AVS 103, 217.4 mph, Spain

Velaro E is the Spanish version of Velaro E high-speed trains developed by German engineering company Siemens. In Spain, Velaro trains are named as AVS 103. Velaro E runs at a maximum speed of 217.4 mph. Velaro E trains can take passengers from Barcelona to Madrid in just 2 hours and 30 minutes. The Train achieved the speed about 400kmph in the trails in Spain.

Velaro E began this high-speed train service in June 2007. Velaro E has eight passenger cars and a seating capacity of 404.

5. Talgo 350, 217.4 mph, Spain

Spain’s Talgo 350 high-speed train and can achieve a maximum speed of 217.4 mph. his train has two driving cars and 12 passenger cars. It is also known as ‘Pato’ in Spain.

The seating facilities in Talgo 350 trains are divided into four classes – Club class, First class, Bistro class and Coach class. All class in Talgo 350 features comfortable reclining seats with foot rests. The passengers also have access to video, audio devices at each seat. There are also real time information panels on both inside and outside of car seats. The Talgo 350 runs between Madrid and Barcelona.

6.E5 Series Shinkansen Hayabusa, 198.8 mph, Japan

E5 series Shinkansen Hayabusa is the fastest high-speed train service in Japan. This train service started on 5th March 2011 and operated by the East Japan railway company. The e5 series train is operated between Tokyo and Aomori. At the top speed of 198.8 mph, E5 series Shinkansen would reach Shin-Aomori station from Tokyo in just 2 hours and 56 minutes.The front car of the E5 series train has a 15-meter long nose.

The E5 series Shinkansen has ten cars and a seating capacity of 731. Each E5 series Shinkansen has three main classes – standard, green and gran class, offers. The standard class offers 658 seats, the green class offers 55 seats, and gran class offers 18 seats. This premium class offers high-end luxury facilities for you. All passengers will get amenities such as eye mask, slippers, and blankets. The staff will also serve soft drinks and food for you.

7.Alstom Euroduplex, 198.8 mph, France


The Alstom Euroduplex train service is operated by the French railway company SNCF. This multi-system, double deck rains can travel at a maximum speed of 198.8 mph. Euroduplex trains started the service in December 2011. This train can transport 1020 passengers at a time.

8. SNCF TGV Duplex, 198.8 mph, France

TGV duplex is the fastest train service in France. This powerful train can touch a maximum speed of 198.8 mph. It is a double-deck, high-speed train that connects all the main cities in France. It is one of the most comfortable European trains that has a seating capacity of 508. GV duplex has an eco-friendly design and a recyclability rate of 90%.

The TGV duplex train offers three main classes for passengers – standard class, first class and TGV Pro. The standard class features comfortable seats, snack vending machines, and a bar buffet.

In the first class, you will get more comfortable reclining seats, individual reading lights, and sockets for your electrical devices. The TGV Pro class offers extra comfortable and spacious seats, a welcome drink, free Wi-Fi, newspapers, and magazines.

9.ETR 500 Frecciarossa Train, 186.4 mph, Italy

ETR 500 Frecciarossa (Red Arrow)is the fastest train service in Italy. The Frecciarossa trains have a maximum speed of 186.4 mph. This service runs between Milan-Rome-Naples route and offers 72 connections daily. Today here are 28 non-stop Frecciarossa trains between  Milan and Rome. At the top speed of 186.4 mph, a Frecciarossa will reach Rome from Milan in just 2 hours and 40 minutes.

A Frecciarossa train has four main cabins – standard class, premium class, business class and executive class. The cars of Frecciarossa trains are sound proof and offer free Wi-Fi.

10.THSR 700T, 186.4 mph, Taiwan

THSR 700T is a series of Taiwanese high-speed multiple unit trains. This service started on 5th January 2007 between Taipei City and Kaohsiung. At the top speed of 186.4 mph, THSR 700T could shorten the journey time between these cities from four and half hours to just 90 minutes. A 700T train has 12 car sets in total. It features a multi-engine system and 9 out of 12 cars provides power for the train.

The adoption of European safety requirements also promises enhanced safety features like bi-directional operation, instability detection system, fire and smoke detectors and station stopping control. The train has ain has a single business class and 11 standard class cars. The cars of THSR 700T are soundproof and provide real time travel information.


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