Top 10 Bad Habits 21st century Youth have

Every Things in the earth has both positive and negative effects which have to be accepted in a right or wrong way. But young generation who are unable to judge the right path are highly influenced with the negative things. A majority of the youth today are spoil their career in useless habits like smoking, drinking, drug-addiction which will destroy their life. 

The 21st century youth have fallen into several bad habits, some of the most prominent and disturbing ones are here, right now as you read on!

1. Smoking

Today Smoking become a fashion of youth. If you seen in various party hubs, alleys or even by those local paan wallas that young peoples like girls and boys are smoking. If you ask why are you smoke they will say it helps minds relax from various stresses. In worst case scenarios, the most ignorant one would say “I smoke because it looks cool”. Whatever said and done, these youngsters do see themselves as the future generation to this world.


Side effects of Smoking is as follow as:-

  • Increased risk of stroke and brain damage.
  • Eye cataracts, macular degeneration, yellowing of whites of eyes.
  • Loss of sense of smell and taste.
  • Yellow teeth, tooth decay and bad breath.
  • Cancer of the nose, lip, tongue and mouth.

Young girls who smoke may also have a harder time getting pregnant. They also have a higher chance of losing their baby before it is born. Studies show there is an increased risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome, also called “crib death”) in babies born to Young girls smokers.

2. Drinking Alcohol

Today Late-night party means alcohol parties. You also aware of this because the youngsters of today cherish that very thought. Youngsters from college, both girls and boys alike, love to attend late night parties that serve alcohol.


The whole point of drinking some beer or vodka or whiskey was to celebrate something great that has happened or is happening. Most cases, they meet up at a friend’s place and drink. Many late night cases have been registered when the youth have been caught drinking and driving too.

3. Drugs

The biggest reason why youth are into drugs because it helps them to satisfy their mental desires in a very negative way and helps them relax. However, many youngsters take the easy way out to fight these pains and that is through drugs. 151221-drugs-stock

If you can see Youngsters are love to experiment on new things and experimenting on drugs is one such thing. They see their friends consuming drugs and they feel they need to consume them too.

4. Pre-Marital Sex

The youth of today are clearly not well-educated in sexual matters as they need to be. Even more shocking is that youngsters aged between 16 to 20 are indulging in pre-marital sex. The reason is that youngster are involving in pre-marital sex is watching adult types of movie and experiment  There is the mad disco party taking place at a local joint down the road. The group of 10 friends are partying there. They consume alchohol and what not and finally they aren’t in their senses to get back home safe. A boy and girl often indulge in pre-marital sex when they aren’t in their senses too. It happens more often than not in cases such as the one above. They wake up next morning not knowing what happened. This leads to higher levels of illegal abortions that are being registered today. 

5. Excessive hanging-out

You  will already know that so many young boys and girls just idling away their time, talking to friends in groups. Today’s youngsters are not serious about their lifestyle.


In the 21st century young generation will spend hours and hours with their friends discussing things that are absolutely worthless. Once the lectures get over, you’d see youngsters getting together and start talking or hangout with their friends for just chilling and idling away time.

6. Fb, Twitter, Shopping sites 24×7

Today’s an internet world and there is no doubt about that people are more in this. Social networking is lovely as it helps people connect in a much easier manner. They chat with friends on fb, spend hours and hours commenting on pictures.


The youth don’t show a balance between socializing and personal development, something that is lacking in majority of the youngsters today. So that the youth of today spend more than half their valuable time on social networking sites.

7. Money-Awareness Absent

In the 21st century young generation are very demanding. They want the latest mobile, the latest laptop, they want the latest and branded fashion wear. They prefer spending high amounts of money at expensive Junk-food outlets, at bars and at unwanted parties. 22ppblackmoney__IN_1802871f

Well, if not all youngsters, atleast a handful of them are spoilt. They tend to blow up their money on unresourceful things. Their value for money is dead into zero. They spend a lot of money without realizing the value of money.

8. Lacking Social Awareness

Youngsters today want to try cool things with cars and bikes, thus endangering the society. Many a times, youngsters are seen constantly plugged with their ear-phones with music playing at full volumes. they walk the streets with the music in their ears, so much so they don’t hear a car honking behind them! It’s sad and absurd to not have such a strong with-hold on the society at times.Today, we see so many cases of rash driving that lead to tragic accidents.

9. Junk Food

Due to various reasons such as professional commitments, multi-tasking, time restrictions, staying away from parents, laziness, fatigue and many other factors the eating habits have changed, people prefer junk food outside food which only satiates the immediate need of the hungry stomach. However, the long term effects of such food are indeed harmful to our body which may lead to; Obesity, Heart diseases, Blood Pressure, Kidney problems and Blood Sugar imbalance.


youngsters today prefer junk food from places like Mcdonalds and KFC and several other places. It is sad that a lot of them forget the essence of home-cooked food, and rather they prefer to grab a bite out with friends more often than not. The youth today wish to live a fast life.

10. Peer Pressurising

Peer pressure amongst youngsters is fast growing in today’s scenario. This bad habit is commonly seen in youth that spend more time with each other. Many a times, youngsters prefer to sit in groups and chit chat over things that might not even matter.


They prefer doing it over a cigarette or probably some whiskey or beer. Now, if a few friends don’t fall into these bad habits, they are often forced or encouraged by the other friends to get into probably trying a cigarette or some weed. Many people do certain things just because their best buddy does it too.


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