Why choose Digital Marketing Career in India after graduation

Things are changing very fast in India. People have started using digital platforms like Mobiles and Internet to find products, buy products. Due to this digital revolution, digital marketing has become popular and there is huge demand for digital marketing professionals in India.

If you look at those traditional career, you will find many people are not getting good job.

  • Traditional marketing is almost dead. Using tele calling and print media is expensive and not effective.
  • Software development is also not growing now.
  • IT sector is not growing, there are many IT professionals in India not able to find proper job.


If you look at recent jobs available, you will find that digital marketing professionals are in huge demand. Each and every small or large company, want’s to promote their business online on digital platform. They are not able to find good digital marketing professionals who can deliver expected results.

Small companies wants to establish their presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, companies wants to promote their business in Google using SEO, they are also looking for Email marketing experts, mobile marketing experts who can use right digital channels to bring new customers for their business.

Here are few reasons why Digital marketing career will grow in India

  1. Government initiatives like #StartupIndia, #DigitalIndia, #MakeInIndia will boost digital initiatives. Many companies will use digital marketing to promote their business.
  2. Reliance Jio and other such initiatives will also boost internet users in India, this will increase digital consumers
  3. Ecommerce is also growing very fast. People have started buying products online and this is another big reason to choose Digital Marketing career with e-commerce
  4. Small companies who were not investing in website are not making websites and mobile apps, they will need digital marketing professionals to promote their business on digital platforms.
  5. Due to many benefits of digital marketing, advertising agencies have also started providing


Starting career in Digital marketing is not difficult and it’s not easy also. Before you choose digital marketing as your career, you should be very clear as what you will be doing in this field. Digital marketing is like ocean. There are many opportunities and many options and directions in digital marketing field. Starting from executive position, you can also become strategist who will make digital marketing strategies for brands.

Here is how you can start your career in Digital Marketing.

  1. Do initial research : Learn more about digital marketing, read blogs and understand from people about digital marketing. See what are jobs, roles and salary offered in this field.
  2. Attend seminar and workshops: Don’t jump into digital marketing, attend various free or paid seminar, workshop and meet people who are from this industry. Ask them questions, learn from them as how they started their career.
  3. Learn Online : Start reading digital marketing tutorials, get fundamental knowledge about digital marketing, join various blogs and email list.
  4. Learn from good digital marketing institute : Choose best digital marketing institute in your area where you can learn digital marketing. Don’t go with cheap institute, avoid institutes who don’t have their own faculties. I would not recommend part time courses. Always choose full time digital marketing course.
  5. Engage with people on Facebook groups: Join various Facebook Groups about SEO, Digital Marketing, add Digital marketing professionals as your friends.
  6. Start your own blog : This is best way to learn and practice digital marketing. You will be able to learn a lot with blogs, make your own Facebook page and twitter account.
  7. Take assignments from your Friends: Take small digital marketing projects from your friends, help them implement digital marketing. If they don’t pay you for that, that’s OK.
  8. Learning Neve Stops : Digital marketing is still growing, it’s growing very fast. You must keep learning new stuff, stay updated about what is happening and what will be the future.

Do you need more details?

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Written By Bhavesh Gudhka

Founder of OPTRON

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