Causes of Depression, Symptoms and Treatment

Depression is a silent killer is what we all have heard and many people think there is no treatment for depression. Depression is considered as mental illness where medicines don’t work.

It is considered as sign of weakness or people who are not strong enough will get depression. Which is not true. You never know anyone around is under depression.

Depression impacts millions of people across the world. In USA one out of 10 people report depression. According to the WHO (World health organisation) 350 million people suffer from depression. (This figure is as per 2015)


More women are affected by depression than men.

Depression doesn’t have one single cause. Brain chemistry, hormones, genetics and other external factors may be cause of depression.

Depression is difficult to identify.

We have heard about depression on social media and articles over the internet, we read about people are disturbed and frustrated. But, do we really know what are the causes of depression, what makes people go under depression and how they react when they are under depression?

It is the time we need to speak about this as it is becoming a serious issue. Depression is majorly seen people living in the US, India and other developing countries. People think that being in depression is not normal and they blame themselves for not being a normal human being. This may result in in anxiety and hypertension.

The most important thing to remember is that, unlike normal sadness, depression doesn’t have a specific reason. It not anyone’s fault and no has flaw in their behaviour. This is a kind of disease that can affect anyone of us.

If you know anyone around who you might be going under depression, speak and listen to them which will make them feel good. Because medicine will not always work. Counselling, Therapy and Healing will help along with relevant medicine.

10 Major Causes of Depression

Death or a loss – Sadness or grief from the loss of family member or dear ones, can increase the risk of depression.
Parents in Conflict – It is majorly seen that due to parent conflicting behaviour can leave a child alone. It becomes difficult for child to deal with this loneliness, which becomes impossible for a child to deal with world outside of home.

Trauma and Grief – Due to disastrous event or accident happened in past can trigger depression in people. Trauma such as violence or physical or emotional abuse whether it has happened at very early age.

Medications – Consumption of some drugs used to treat high blood pressure, such as beta-blockers or reserpine, can increase your risk of depression.

Genetic – It is said by researchers know that if depression runs in your family, you have a higher chance of becoming depressed.

Break-up in a relationship – If a person had a break-up in love relationship, the absence of the partner can bring severe depression. It becomes difficult to forget them for a very longer period of time.

Bullying in childhood – Bullying is mostly found in boarding schools, where the environment is all about discipline and strict. When kids try to communicate with parents about it, parents assume that their kid is giving an excuse to escape from boarding. Due to communication gap, this results in depression until the adulthood.

Serious illness – Due to some major illness which can be triggered triggered by another medical condition.

Conflicts in relations – Depression in someone who has the biological vulnerability to develop depression may result from personal conflicts or disputes with family members or friends.

Taking High Street Job – Working in a company which pays you a handsome salary package on the other hand expects high on returns can also bring depression. Giving all your time to work and meeting deadlines, will bring distance to spend quality time with family.

Abuse – In almost every case of significant adult depression, some form of abuse was experienced in childhood, either physical, sexual, emotional or, often, a combination.

As the depression is only noticed in a person over a period of time, it becomes impossible to judge if anyone is fighting against depression. So, if you anyone around you facing any of the above causes, talk to them by communicating and connecting with them.

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