Interesting facts about Peacock Feather and Lord Krishna

Interesting Divine Aspects about Lord Krishna’s Peacock Feather/Mayur Pankh

  • In Hinduism, Peacock feathers are considered very auspicious.
    They are also used as Ayurveda medicine named “Mayur Chandrika Bhasma” which is very beneficial for food pipe disorders.
    According to Vastu Shastra: Peacock feathers if kept in home would remove all evil dosha’s.

  • The feather protects one from evil eye and destroys all negativity like anger, greed, jealousy and removes poisons.
  • The feathers have thousand eyes, which symbolize as a vault of heaven and eyes of stars and it`s iridescent coloring is a gift from Lord Indra as an act of compassion to the bird.
  • They represent divine love that enters the human heart and fills one’s entire being in ecstasy. It also reminds us of the romantic love shared between Krishna and Radha. The feathers are always in the direction of Radha. It is said Lord Krishna cleanses the holy feet of Radha with Peacock feathers, during their playtimes in Vrindavan.
  • The brightness of the feather is due to the presence of barbules that help reflect light and Krishn’s pankh have barbules on both sides making it highly divine in nature. The barbules help the colors to shimmer and different hues appear at different angles.
  • They also have the power to do away bad influences of the planets. Grace of both Radha and Krishna descends on worshiping this form of Krishna.

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