10 Symptoms of Depression You Should Not Ignore

Depression is a common and affects is is about mood disorder. The person is not just sad in his/her life’s struggles, but depression changes the outlook of thatp person in negative way. Their thinking process, the way they feel changes the reaction to function in daily activities.

It will make that person disturb which will have bad impact on their work, study, eat, sleep. They will also feel of helplessness, hopelessness, and worthlessness which will leave hope of living a good life.

Top 10 Symptoms of Depression or Warning Signs of Depression

1. Feeling of Sadness

When a person is sad almost all the time is often noticed as depressed person. It is difficult to be happy and they will rarely smile or laugh. This is a sign of being inability to be happy and this will affect person every now and then in their daily activities.

2. Not having enough fun in Life

When someone is depressed, they don’t seem to be able to experience fun or enjoyment. That does not mean they dont have good time at all, but after that activity is ended, they tend to go back to their thoughts which makes them sad again.


3. Frustration

Depressed individuals may get frustrated with small things which are very petty issues for a normal person. They may also become easily frustrated with themselves or other loved ones.


4. Getting Irritated

We can know if any person gets angry and irritated very quickly. These people are very unhappy about their life and activities. They will start finding faults in things and people that used to make them happy.


5. Focusing on small or petty matters

People who are depressed always tend to focus on small issues which are not a high priority. So focusing on these small problems will disturb them again and again.

6. Insomnia

Some people who are depressed spend their nights worrying and experience insomnia. They may encounter taking sleeping pills and sometimes consuming alcohol which they think they will get peace of mind. However, this not reliable as these are temporary and will definitely not help in future.


7. Loss of Aptetite

The people who are depressed will not feel hungry or not in a mood to eat, which results in loss of their appetite. This also means that their diet schedule is disturbed completely and will show loss / gain of body weight.


8. Super Angry

People who are depressed may get angry on any topic. They are so disturbed that they don’t understand what’s happening in their mind and may get irritated, which will make them angrier.


9. Lack of Concentration

A person with depression gets too tired early which leads to lack of concentration in work, studies or any tasks. It becomes impossible for them to focus on one thing and mind runs after worrying about other things.


10. Feeling of Worthlessness

Depressed individuals may feel worthless and like no one loves them. They feel like they are not capable enough to give their inputs in any relation, work and assumes that people hate them. This can lead to more destructive thoughts, like suicide.


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