10 Signs Your Job is Killing Your Marriage

This generation is all about Competition and running after your Career for earning more & more money for a better Lifestyle. However, people are left behind with relations and basic life in their tight schedule of work timings. They are not able to socialize or pay attention to their marriage, family and health.

We’ve listed down few points which you should definitely read and analyze the signs which are unknowingly ruining your life and marriage.

1.You are putting your work priorities ahead of your relationship.

If you find yourself opting out of activities you would normally engage in with your spouse, such as going to a movie, visiting friends or just enjoying time together, you could be placing undue pressure on the relationship.

2. You are too tired from work to spend time with your spouse.

After working at the office you feel very tired and you are unable to spend time with your family, your kids and your spouse. If work is sucking all of your energy out of you, your partner will be affected and take note.

3. Your spouse gets irritated when you ask him/her that how was your day.

If you find yourself constantly seeking advice from your spouse on your next “move” at work, you could be hurting your marriage.

4.You have nothing to talk to them about except work.


If you literally have nothing else to talk about with your spouse than work, this is a bad sign.

“If you have trouble compartmentalizing work and personal life, you likely will go into discussions about people and projects without even realizing,” Taylor says. It’s a habit that you have to make a conscious effort to kick.

5.You arrive late to important personal events or frequently cancel due to work.

This can create a slow build-up of resentment from your spouse and create the impression you are choosing your work intentionally over your personal commitments.

6.You argue more with your spouse because of work stress.

If you are carrying home stress with you from the office, then you may become more irritable and end up taking it out on your partner in totally unrelated areas.

 7. You find yourself connecting better with your co-workers than your spouse.

As most of the time is spent in office, your partner tend to spend more time with colleagues and co-workers. They are more interested in partying and coming home late, which affects home environment.

8.You argue about new things.

 If there’s some sort of change to your work life — maybe a new role, a new boss, a new salary — and you’re suddenly fighting with your spouse about things you never argued about before.

9.You have less patience with your spouse as the work has taken up you energy.


If your spouse is starting to resent your work, they may not always open up about it because they want to be supportive of you — but the resentment might manifest itself in other areas, such as being less patient or more irritable. This will affect the innocence of your child and can bring damage to their future.

10.Due to loaded with work pressure, you don’t feel like socializing.

If you’re beginning to feel that your mind is in some far-off place, your spouse probably detects it. “If you’re preoccupied with work once you get home, or even into the weekend, you may feel that you need to keep to yourself,” says Taylor. “You may deprive yourself of normal social activities with your partner.”



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