10 Fundamental Problems with Education System in India

A strong Education system is the foundation of any country’s development and prosperity. The Report says that Not Only the School children and enrollment is easy to get but also this improved attendance of the students. But behind these figures is the fact that our focus is on admission but with the same quality of education has declined sharply. Reduction in quality of RTE (Right to Education) is not to blame in any way, but it will have to say that the education authorities have failed to prevent a decrease in quality. The only problem we have put much of himself. The focus from enrollment to assess its effect on the level of education we get in report first. This report shows how the level of School Education in India has fallen despite. The report shows that the quality of school education has gradually lost the stream.

Our Indian Education system is often criticized based on Rote learning means it is a memorization technique based on repetition rather than problem solving. Some research says that Indian Education System seems to be producing dead bodies spending majority of their time in Preparing for only competitive exams rather than practical learning. Even Rabindranath Tagore wrote lengthy articles about How Indian education system needs to change. Some people says that change the education system in India because their are many problems in education system that have to be changed as soon as possible.

Indian Education System is one of the most talked about topics whether one is facing a Job Interview, taking part in a debate, at family gatherings and almost every time one wants to have an intellectual conversation on high spirits.

I have done a board exam and I know that the board only concentrate upon the theory and theoretical knowledge
more than the practical aspects of the applications of that theory. Many people may argue that if we don’t apply all this theory later on in life, why should we learn? This is Right I m agree with this.

Indian education by itself is serious problem. Over a period of time, education has become business. We can see the live examples in most of the cities. I think so the marks should not be the only criteria to judge a students talent and student should have a choice of subjects he wish to continue .

Here you see the 10 Fundamental Problems with Education System in India

1) Reservations

There are so many reservations especially in medical schools that the chances for a bright general category student decreases and the chances for dull backward caste student increases. Government should remove reservations ssytem in medical schools. After-all, You need skills, brains not SC/ST cerificate.

2) Lack of colleges

Most of the students get 40%-75%. Most of colleges take admission only if you have atleast 80%! Now the question arises, where will the other students go? This leads to depression and hence suicidal rates have Increased.

3) Education System Promotes Race

Our Education System fundamentally advances rodent race among our students. They need to peruse and mug-up whole course book with no comprehension of it. So an understudy who scores 90 out of 100 and starts things out really remains a rodent. I mean to say he or she does not have any analytical skills that a child must have.

The time has come to change our education system.

4) Teachers Themselves are Not Trained

Our Teachers themselves are not adequately trained to teach kids. They don’t have proper training that how they will give values in Childrens that will change the future of the nation.

If they can teach properly then the government does not have enough salary to pay. Hence, to improve our education system teachers should be better trained and more importantly better paid.

You can’t imagine a nation without regarding Teachers.

5) Medium of Language of our Education System

This is additionally a major issue that should be lead. We are not ready to settle on the medium of language of our education system.

Still stress is given on English where majority of children can’t understand the language. So how can they will understand what teachers are teaching.

In addition, subjects like science, mathematics and physics have nothing to do with the medium of correspondence. Subsequently, over-emphasis on English could not be right.

6) Education Given is Irrelevant to Job-Market

This is maybe the most clear disappointment of our education system that in the wake of finishing graduation in any discipline students are not able to get jobs.

It is just in light of the fact that aptitudes that are required in a job market are essentially not present in a new graduate. All that a student is taught in his whole school and school life is practically excess for employment markets.

Aptitude that is required by them is not taught in schools and universities. Subsequently our education system is should have been patched up and should be outlined by monetary strategies.

7) No Critical Analysis, only Following the Establishment

Our Children are not ready to do basic investigation of anything, for instance our history, culture and religion. They take the line of foundation or the perspectives of predominant majority.

They are basically not ready to look things from their own particular viewpoint. If you want a society should become a lot better than we must develop a culture of looking at things critically.

We are basically coming up short at this as a result of our education system. children must figure out how to criticize our own culture and other established narratives.

8) No Focus in Building a Personality of a Kid

Tragically our education system is not creating persona of a kid. Recollect that, it is identity that is more vital than academic qualification.

As I said before, our system requests great numbers from a child in an exam not to demonstrate his identity. Thus a child is not very much presented to external world and he or she won’t not have the capacity to build up an identity.

So this is another imperfection in our education system.

9) Missing Innovation & Creation because Only Aping West

If we discuss the favored kids in India then even they are not ready to improve and make new things. Despite the fact that they have everything that a kid require yet at the same time they need something in them.

What they are doing is just aping western culture and not having the capacity to explore new territory. From one perspective children are not ready to go to schools and on other hand, on the off chance that they are going then are not ready to improve or take care of the issues that the nation is confronting.

Consequently, this is yet another essential fundamental problem with our education system.

10) Students Happy in Getting a Highly Paid Salary Job but Lacks Ambition to Become an Entrepreneur

Presently, in college campuses it has turned into a typical thing that each young student is interested in a getting a job that pays them well. Be that as it may, they might never want to become a business person.

This absence of aspiration does not permit our nation to exceed expectations in any field. This mentality of our youngsters making them slaves of couple of multinational organizations.

Therefore our education system should be designed to make our children a successful entrepreneurs rather going for a salaried job.


At long last, I would say we spend just few percent of our GDP on education, so our government should make education its first need and attempt to address issues those are specified in this blog.

If government is able to take note of these 10 problems then we can definitely overhaul our education system.

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